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Face, hair & body care

Skin4sin took its first steps in Greece in December 2021. The result of 2 years of creating quality cosmetics for face, hair and body care had managed to create excellent products that needed to be presented to the public through of the channels that the Company would choose. The goal of changing the ecom platform and choosing the Magento solution was the need for multiple connections that the Company needed both for marketing automations, feeds etc. and for operational needs such as connections with multiple transport companies, two-way communication with ERP and connection with telephone multi-call center. See more projects here

Working Teams

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  • Performance
  • Strategy

Design Emphasis

Analyzing the data of the products, categories, competition and Brand identity, we came to the conclusion that a different approach should be followed to the visual representation of the new online store. The main reasons were the small number of products that were initially about 30 and today are still less than 100. Thus, a single product per row logic was applied to the product list emphasizing the image of the product and not the number.

118% Conversion Rate

141% Transactions

The successful design, the subtlety and finesse in the design that a cosmetics brand requires, the prominence of the central face of the company trusted by consumers for years, the particularly careful journeys of the consumer from entering the online store to completing the order, as well as the fast and always stable response of the pages contributed to the achievement of the goals and more