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Ioakimidis Textiles invests in excellence

Historically dating back to 1947, ioakimidis Textiles vision of contemporary innovation has established them as the leaders in the industry of women’s textiles. They proudly supply manufactures of women’s clothing worldwide with a large variety of patterns & the highest aesthetic fabrics. Having established their name in both the Greek and European markets and having accumulated a rising number of international certificates and awards, they are a distinguished, fast-growing wholesale textile company, working with established partnerships more than just clients.

Working Teams

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  • Performance
  • Strategy

Effective Consumer Journey

By implementing a high-demand project with a proper study, we managed to present an aesthetically and technologically perfect result, which today is a valuable tool for the Company’s staff. Through this, customers have the possibility to browse among hundreds of thousands of products in a fast and efficient way, finding the product they are interested in no time.

Shop by Color The number of color shades is close to infinity, thus we decided to group our products in color hues to help you browse through our textiles collection more easily. Start your search now and explore numerous color options.

Filter by actual color. Having received the necessary feedback that in the field of textiles color plays one of the most important factors for the purchase of a product, we implemented a construction that divides the products into basic colors and places all the necessary Hues colors below them in order to make the finding of the product easier and more fun.