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Hairdressing is an art, and art is passion

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The No. 1 online store in Greece with over 10 thousand active product codes.

In 1976 Christos Angelopoulos broke the world haircut record, putting his name in the Guinness Book and his stamp on the later development of Angelopoulos Hair Company.

Their sons Nikolas and Ioannis take over from their already renowned parents, and continue their legacy, studying in schools abroad and gaining several years of experience in the largest hair salons in England as employees.

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Effective Consumer Journey

We were able to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced product by carrying out a challenging project with thorough research, which is now an important resource for the company’s workers. This gives customers the opportunity to quickly and effectively browse through hundreds of thousands of products and locate the one they’re looking for.

Elastic Search Search smart!

Although catering to different people and businesses, all eCommerce websites share one design-specific feature. The search bar. It doesn’t matter if the user doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for. The search will suggest results as a query is typed, allowing your audience or customers to get to the right content before finishing their thoughts. Awesome Right?

Memos, Creative Director


Creative Director

Επαγγελματίες και συνεπείς με γνώσεις και κατανόηση για τις ανάγκες του πελάτη-συνεργάτη τους. Τους προτείνω χωρίς δεύτερη σκέψη.|