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Ligglo has been active in the field of women’s footwear and accessories since 1985. Today they have an organized network of 8 corporate stores and an extensive wholesale network with over 150 customers from Greece and Cyprus. The constant evolution and growth, and the ever-increasing market share, make them one of the strongest names in the field of footwear in Greece. We create a powerful and beautiful Magento PWA e-commerce with outstanding speed and conversion rate results. If you like it, see more projects here and if you want to know more about Magento PWA e-commerce solutions and benefits, send us your message here


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Magento PWA

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. Ligglo is an app built from the web technologies we all know and love but with a feel and functionality that rivals an actual native app. If you visit Ligglo on your smartphone, you can install it to your home screen. PWAs are smooth, super fast and lightweight, they work offline, unlike your regular site and they offer higher engagement. Simply put, a PWA is a website with all the benefits of an app. PWAs give you a faster, more reliable, and more engaging version of your website or eCommerce store.

40% Longer User time on your site

80% Improved Conversion Rate

With almost half of the website traffic coming from tablet and mobile devices we increased conversion rates, increased user time on Ligglo site, improved the user experience, increased organic search traffic and create a faster loading in an instant.