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We undertook to design a tailor made on demand solution by transferring one of the most characteristic retail services on the small screen of the mobile phone but also on the desktop.

After in-depth analysis, the purely customer-centric approach was formed, the main goal of which was to create a simple, easy-to-use platform that in a few steps gives the consumer all the possibilities that a visit to the laundry has.

Working Teams

  • Development
  • Performance
  • Strategy

Slotting Mechanism

Development of a mechanism that displays the available two-hour, pick-up and delivery slots, for the next 10 days, based on the specific address of the customer. For the convenience of the consumer, the platform was interconnected with the Google maps service.

1.5K Unique Consumers

7 Products per Request

An important point in the digitization of the service was the user-friendly ability to choose the products it wants to deliver for cleaning or to take advantage of offers that are active. The whole project seemed even more difficult since the completion of the implementation and the Launch of the service had to be done in the middle of the Covid period.