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Original Branded Mens Apparel

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Original Branded Mens Apparel

Laios fashion works with a mindset of respect, as well as prompt service towards their customer’s stylistic needs. Additionally, they are a Men Fashion eshop who value the high quality of their products, as well as their aesthetics. It follows then, that when they turned to Elegento to redesign and build their new eCommerce website, there would be several challenges to overcome. Elegento however, rose to them with enthusiasm. On the one hand, from the elegant popsicle scarf to the cheeky Jacket, the brand’s colourful and fluffy apparel took centre stage thanks to full width imagery. On the other hand, with the careful placing of features such as featured products and instagram photos, we were able to represent the eshop’s philosophy for ease of service. If you like it, see more projects here.

Working Teams

  • Design
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Strategy

Filters, the right way

No more mediocre or poor product filtering experience. Our Strategy team is here to guide you with top techniques that will make your product filters work best! Here’s a sneak peak: The ability to apply Category-Specific Filters, as well as Multiple Filter Values of the Same Type.

42% Higher conversion rate

125% Increase in revenue

Driving a 125% increase in online revenue has been our biggest achievement with any client. We believe an improved brand image, cohesive brand / digital strategy and content strategy have been major factors to the success of this DTC brand.

Hlias Laios, Owner

Hlias Laios


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