Anna Maria Mazaraki

Jewellery Design

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Anna Maria Mazaraki Jewellery e-shop design.

An affordable and at the same time luxurious jewellery business, which started in 1995, inspired by Anna Maria Mazaraki. In her online store, you will find collections which include both timeless and modern designs. All products are made of gold Κ9, Κ14, Κ18, sterling silver, alloy and semi-precious stones.

We are proud to have partnered with her, in order to create this stunning jewellery e-shop design, along with a variety of other e-commerce solutions. If you like it, see more projects here.

Working Teams

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Lifestyle Switcher

A primary objective when creating this design, was that each visitor could have a clear image of how they will look like with the jewelry on. Therefore, we created an original ‘lifestyle’ switcher. Using it, the visitor can switch between the simple jewelry images, with ones where the jewelry is worn.

5x Years of Cooperations

24h 24 hours Support

We count 5 years of cooperation with Anna Maria Mazaraki, and still going. We care about our customers because they are a part of our team, and we prove it everyday with 24h support, and high quality consulting services for their online business steps.

Anna Maria, CEO - Founder

Anna Maria

CEO - Founder

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