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The creatively inspiring jewellery eshop

Eleni Orfanou is a brand created by the homonymus inspired designer. Since Eleni has developed her own unique heritage over the last 15 years, we wanted to create a Jewellery eshop with the utmost respect for the artist and her creations. Therefore, in order to promote her new online presence, the result had to reflect her philosophy; as an example her attention to detail, as well as her creation’s distinct feel. If you like it, see more projects here.

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An effective navigation is crucial for a website, therefore simplicity is a must. Without navigation, a site loses all sense of structure and organization. Navigation is the way to guide readers through a website, because that’s how they get a sense of how much content there is, and where to find what they are looking for.

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We created a digital experience, by seamlessly weaving together dynamic content into a modular design. To improve the overall UI/UX experience, we completely redesigned one of the most critical sections of e-commerce websites, the Product Display Page.

Eleni Orfanou, Owner - designer

Eleni Orfanou

Owner - designer

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