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A minimal & beautiful Sneaker eshop.

The Fuel team is trying to connect sneaker lovers, athletes, musicians, designers, dancers, DJs, Atari enthusiasts and PS4 addicted gamers. They bring together what belongs together. Out of this passion FUEL was born. With orders from all over the globe and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every year, this is one of the most popular Sneaker eshop in Greece. If you like it, see more projects here

Working Teams

  • Design
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Strategy

Slide Minicart with Cross sale items

A mini cart is only beneficial to your site if it’s done right. In Fuel, it provides easy access to the full cart, allows other changes like removing items, changing the quantity of the products and many more. But the best part is that you have access to it from every page in your website. Our aim is to take the next step to the e-commerce industry, providing smart, efficient and qualitative solutions to our clients.

42% Higher conversion rate

125% Increase in revenue

Driving a 125% increase in online revenue has been our biggest achievement with any client. We believe that an improved brand image, cohesive brand / digital strategy and content strategy have been major factors to the success of the brand.

Panagis Antypas, Owner of Fuel

Panagis Antypas

Owner of Fuel

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