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The plan of Online Bookstore Kaktos is to become pioneers in the e-business of the book and to introduce innovative ideas and practices that will place them in the position of the leader of their category. Kaktos was founded in 1974. It has released more than 4,000 books. The main work is the multi-award winning edition of the series “Αρχαία Ελληνική Γραμματεία – Οι Ελληνες” where all the works of all authors of Ancient Greeks are translated for the first time internationally.See more projects like this here.

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Online Subscriptions

In the standards of amazon prime, Kaktos innovates with the launch of a Subscription based sales model. With three different subscription plans, a professional approach and a variety of special offers, they offer their readers an innovative experience.

65% Improved Conversion Rate

124% Transactions

Kaktos publications, through the use of a complete and perfect implementation, build the standards that will lead them to achieve their goals and manage to implement the plan for their innovation and consolidation as pioneers in the field of books.