Lapin House

45 years as a pioneer in the field of children’s wear.

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45 Years of smiling children!

A new kids fashion eshop guided by quality and specialized know-how, combined with a unique aesthetical point of view. Lapin House have created exquisite children’s wear collections and formed new fashion trends. Lapin House have been internationally acknowledged as one of the most influential trademarks in the field of children’s wear and kids fashion eshop. In 2014 they were awarded the “Super Brand” title! With 45 years of experience, along with their innovative and conceptual children’s stores, and their highly competitive products, Lapin House is rapidly developing an international retail network, through franchises and other forms of co-operations. See more projects here.

Working Teams

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  • Performance
  • Strategy

Custom Gift Lists

The most beautiful and flexible way to give or receive real smiles. Explore the most unique collection of gifts and experiences and make the most unique gift list easier than ever before. Lapin House offers you the possibility to create a gift list in a practical and fun way for different occasions of your baby’s life. Create a list for your upcoming event based on the products you need and send it to the people you want in any way you want. You will be able to track which of these products have been purchased or not, you will receive the products at the address you chose and you will be informed with automatic notifications.

Gift Guide Quiz Not sure about what gift to choose? Do the Lapin Experts Quiz and see all the products that will surely love it.

Explore the gift guide quiz. A simple but at the same time with great value for the consumer construction which, after a series of general questions, filters the products and presents you with the ideal gifts for your loved one. You just answer a few very simple questions about the person you have in mind to understand what they like and the results are magical.