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A women’s modern fashion brand, combining elegance with comfort.

Derpouli Fashion Time is a women’s modern fashion company which places great value on professionalism. Since their aim is that of styling for contemporary women, it stands to reason that this should be reflected on their online shop. Therefore, their choice for Elegento as the team to translate their image was not accidental, as our philosophies coincide. Notonly do we place great value in our team’s professionalism, but we take care of each and every one of our creations with pride as well. Moreover, a women’s fashion eshop needs to be centered around it’s product, which is exactly why Elegento chose to create a design tailored for the situation. With bold banners and lively imagery, those clothes really shine! If you like it, see more projects here.

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Infinite Scrolling

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42% Higher conversion rate

125% Increase in revenue

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Memos Leonidakis, Owner Manager

Memos Leonidakis

Owner Manager

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