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Fashion that steals the spotlight

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Fashion that steals the spotlight.

Owning more than 20 shops in Greece and 550 retail spots in more than 50 countries worldwide, mat. fashion is here to confirm that quality and innovation are values that transcend all boundaries and borders, providing every woman with services of an impeccable quality and uniquely stylish collections. If you like it, see more projects here

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Search smart!

Although catering to different people and businesses, all eCommerce websites share one design-specific feature. The search bar. It doesn’t matter if the user doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for. The search will suggest results as a query is typed, allowing your audience or customers to get to the right content before finishing their thoughts. Awesome Right?

31% Smaller bounce rate

55% Conversion Rate

Browsing across devices is becoming increasingly common. With almost half of the website traffic coming from tablet and mobile devices, we placed responsive design at the forefront of our strategy.