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Today’s woman is our Muse!

Dress2Undress’s muses are all the women who want to stand out, who want to feel unique and chic during the day, all day, every day! Therefore, it was not easy to design and implement a women’s fashion eshop, for a brand with such a passion for clothes. Hence, our aim was to create an eshop which reflects the brand’s demand for style and quality. The minimal lines along with the discreet colours emphasize the clothe’s form, while at the same time, the simple utility of this women’s fashion eshop showcases their creations. Thus, Elegento understood and answered our client’s needs, and our client’s desires. If you like it, see more projects here

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Filters, the right way

No more mediocre or poor product filtering experience. Our Strategy team is here to guide you with top techniques that will make your product filters work best! Just a sneak peak: Ability for Category-Specific Filters and ability to Apply Multiple Filter Values of the Same Type.

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100% Increase in revenue

We helped Dress2Undress launch an entirely new online E-commerce website, aimed at reflecting the brand's poise and elegance and making the process of ordering a product an easy and delightful task.

Memos Leonidakis, Owner - Manager

Memos Leonidakis

Owner - Manager

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