Privacy Policy

1. What cookies are

Cookies are small text files, which are installed on your computer or electronic device through the browser when you visit our website. Cookies help us to collect information necessary for measuring the efficacy of our website, the enhancement and upgrade of its content, its adaptation to the demand and needs of its users as well as for measuring the efficacy of the presentation and showing of our website on third-party websites. No cookies file used on our website collects information that identifies you personally or information on any document or file of your computer.

The data collected by cookies may include the browser type that you use, the type of the computer, its operating system, the web service suppliers and other information of the sort. Moreover, the information system of the website automatically collects information on the locations that you visit and the links on third-party websites that you may choose through our Website.

2. Types of cookies

We list the cookies that we use on our website, the information that each of them collects, the purpose of this information and their origin:

Cookies necessary for the operation of the website

These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our Website. If they are inactivated, your experience on our Website may be interrupted and you may not be able to use the bag or pay.

Web User Preferences Cookies:

When you browse or buy something on the web, our web services will remember some choices that you have made (for example the username). This enhances your experience and makes browsing easier and simpler.

Website Analysis Cookies

We use these cookies in order to measure and analyze how our customers use our website services. For example, calculating the different people who use a specific characteristic with comparison to the total number of the people who visit the Website. This enables us to constantly enhance our services on the web, as well as your shopping experience.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies

You must have noticed that when you visit other websites advertisements on products that you would probably want to buy are displayed. Like many enterprises, we display advertisements of our enterprise on Websites of our collaborators. Nonetheless, in order to test and ensure that the advertisements are relevant to you, we use cookies to collect information on the kind of things that you are interested in. These cookies do not increase the number of the advertisements that will be displayed to you; they just make the advertisement, which is automatically selected to be displayed, more targeted. Moreover, these cookies limit the number of times that an advertisement will be displayed helping us to measure the effectiveness of the advertised campaign.

Content Sharing on Social Networks Cookies

We use cookies to allow you to share your content directly to social networks websites / social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and to “LIKE” or “share” a product that is advertised on our web services.

Also, Cookies on our website may be used by approved third-party organizations in order to provide services that are related to our website.

2. Managing and Deleting Cookies

Menus of most browsers provide options that regard managing Cookies. These options vary depending on the browser. Based on the options given by the browser that you use, you can allow Cookies to be installed, inactivate/ delete the existing ones or get informed every time you receive cookies. Instructions on managing and deleting Cookies usually are in the “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” menus of the browser. Also, you can find a more detailed instruction on where control and delete of cookies files in most browsers is explained in detail.

Please take into consideration that, in case you reject or inactivate the cookies of our website, functionality of our websites may be partly lost. Also, by inactivating a cookie or a category of cookies you do not delete them from the browser. In order to do that, you should change the internal functions of the browser that you use.

3. Changes in the use of Cookies by us

Occasionally we can amend this Policy, in whole or in part, at our sole discretion. Any change in this will be in force upon the post of the amended Policy on our Website the same time, there will be an indication in our home page highlighting the change. In any case, the use of our Website and its services as well as the services of our e-shop after changes have been made according to the above, will be regarded as an acceptance of these changes. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, as it may be amended, in whole or in part, you must stop using our Website and e-shop.